Finds #01

So this is where it all begins… new website, new journal, and new ideas. As lovers and hoarders of ‘interesting things’ we’ll be curating some favourites that have caught our eye and posting them here as Finds.

This month we’ve been taken back to where some of our own ideas and attitudes were formed: two great films about rock and roll, Johnny Rotten saying it how it is, a riot in a shipping container and the wise words of Leonard Cohen. Add to that some inappropriate behaviour and some too-cool-for-school illustration and you’ve landed right in the middle of our minds.

Gimme Danger

First was a trip to Home in Manchester to watch Jim Jarmusch’s new documentary ‘Gimme Danger’. Some great pearls of wisdom from Iggy, some explosive footage of the Stooges at their most experimental and some truly funny moments, like Iggy’s idea to have the tallest drum riser in town.

Iggy Pop and Jim Jarmusch On Their New Documentary ‘Gimme Danger’

Punk: A Feeling of No Future

We also stumbled across this cool film made by Joppe Rog at Present Plus, featuring Don Letts, Judy Blame and Roger Burton talking about punk in the 70s and into the future, underscored by a pointedly atmospheric soundtrack from Sorenious Bonk.

All of this in the month that Joe Corre, son of Vivienne Westwood and Malcom McLaren, announced that he is going to burn £5million worth of punk memorabilia to combat complacency. Yawn. As ever, John Lydon critiqued the idea sublimely, “If you’re going to destroy £5 million worth of anything, isn’t it better to sell it and give the money to charity? You selfish fucking lingerie expert.”

John Lydon slams son of Sex Pistols manager for burning £5million of punk memorabilia

ADP Riot Tour

With burning money in mind we also took a trip to ex-KLF man, Jimmy Cauty’s, ADP Riot Tour as it crash landed in Macclesfield. A miniature post-riot landscape set somewhere in Bedfordshire; a dystopian wasteland occupied only by the police and journalists, all contained in the back of a 40 foot shipping container.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a burnt out riot zone… or is there? Perhaps the beautiful illustrations of Thomas Hedger might just top Luton in flames.

By Thomas Hedger
By Thomas Hedger

Or this observant animation from Ola Szmida about the little things in life that we somehow manage to keep contained.

and finally…

We couldn’t leave and not mention that this was the month that Leonard Cohen checked out. As ever it’s all too easy to find lyrical relevance in Leonard’s work: