Why your website needs a video

If you can fill a receptive mind with the right information, great things can be achieved. It seems that we modern humans can’t get enough of the moving image. From a time not so far in the past when websites were about as moving as a sleeping tortoise we find ourselves in an age where over 60% of businesses now incorporate video content into their websites. A personal message from the CEO. A flight over the factory, courtesy of a willing drone. An animation sequence to make sense of complex technology. The possibilities are limitless. But how do you achieve lift off?

1. Increase dwell time

Long text and still images have their place, but beware the propensity for the reader to give up when the going gets tough and go in search of more stimulating content. Research shows that people will stay on a website longer, known as the ‘dwell time’, if they’re able to watch an embedded video. It doesn’t have to be long and it doesn’t have to be elaborate. It just has to put across your message in a grabby way.

Oh, and better still, Google takes the dwell time of your website into account when deciding its rankings.

2. Enhance conversions

Get the content and style of your video right and wondrous things begin to happen. If it’s an ‘explainer’ video, that distills the workings of your product or service into understandable information, then conversions can be increased by up to 80%. And if you generate an introductory email that includes video, the click through rises by 96%.

“By including an explainer video on your site, you can boost conversions by up to 80%”

Let’s run that one by you again… by including an explainer video on your site, you can boost conversions by up to 80%, and by including video in an email you can raise click-through by 96%.

3. Build better relationships

Because good video has the power to stir emotions, it can quickly create a special bond with the viewer that more static presentation can’t. Here you have to put your faith in the skills of your video maker. Without well produced visual communications based on intelligent reasoning, made memorable by the brilliance of its creative approach, you may end up pouring money down the proverbial drain.

4. Gain a smart advantage

This is the Millennial generation, where the smartphone reigns supreme. Currently, average usage stands at around 77 hours per month – over two hours per day – and the prognosis is that usage is set to go on rising. Smartphone users love to access video content, making this a huge opportunity to engage with an ever-growing switched on market. Good videos are often shared on social media, putting more potential customers in contact with your message.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have lift off.


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